Pregnancy Coaching

We provide holistic and personalized guidance to expectant and nursing parents throughout their childbirth journey.  We are here to fill in the gaps between your OB provider and the questions you still have.  Our coaching methods are extremely beneficial for preconception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and newborn care. 

What's included:

1-on-1 Guidance

You’ll have direct access to communicate with your pregnancy coach as needed.  We will give you personalized and evidence-based guidance based on your needs and desires.  We will develop a learning plan specific to your needs. 

Birth Plan Assistance

Based on your preferences, we help you build a personalized birth plan, which will empower you to give birth your way. We give you the tools to effectively advocate for yourself.

Appointment Questions

We answer questions you have before or after your prenatal appointments. We also give you guidance on what to expect and what to ask at prenatal appointments.

Class Recommendation

Childbirth classes have been proven to reduce your risk of cesarean section. Beyond the traditional childbirth classes, we provide recommendations for ongoing education before and after the birth of your child to better prepare you as parents.

Evidence-based Education

We provide safe, evidence-based education for any questions you have. We are here to fill in the knowledge gaps between your prenatal visits and your educational needs. 


We review and give recommendations of safety concerns pertaining to pregnancy which may include medications, supplements, food, exercise, intimacy, work, travel and any other concerns you may have.

Exercise & Nutrition

We will review your current activity and nutritional routines and give guidance to help relieve the discomforts of pregnancy and stay fit. Dietary concerns will be discussed to formulate a personalized nutritional guideline that you can easily follow. 

Healthcare Connections

We suggest and discuss alternative and holistic therapies during pregnancy which may include chiropractic, massage therapy, pelvic floor physical therapy, and nutritionists.

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"...she truly cares about her clients and I could not recommend her enough! I completely trust her...."

- Caitlin