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Mitra Davis, CNM

Hi, I am Mitra Davis. I am a Certified Nurse Midwife and a childbirth educator.

“Your body, your birth, your way.”  I believe it, practice it, and educate about it.

My inspiration came from my grandmother.  She was a woman ahead of her time.  When time allowed, she would study homeopathic medicine.  What she learned, she would share with her community.  She shared this knowledge and passion with me when I was growing up.  I watched her care for others in times of need.  Her nurturing nature inspired me to want to care for others as she did. Healthcare was my calling from a very young age. 


My parents wanted me to have more than they could provide.  The oldest of three children, I was sent to the United States alone, as a teenager, to pursue an education and a better life.  This was a challenging and scary opportunity for an ambitious yet naive teen.   Soon it became clear that education was the key to achieving my dreams. 

I was introduced to midwifery in school and fell in love instantly. Working in the labor & delivery unit, I recognized my passion for women’s health.  I wanted to have more autonomy and independence in caring for my patients and helping them achieve their ideal birth.  I wanted to offer practical, emotional, and technical ways to support my patients from conception through birth.  I became a midwife!

Being a midwife for over 20 years, I have grown a lot as a mom, a woman, and a midwife.  I have participated in over 6000 deliveries, but I still have the utmost appreciation for the preciousness and individuality of the experience. The joy of watching these mothers, fathers, and families being born every day is the best part of my job.

Mitra Davis, CNM

My vision is to transform birth from unknown and scary to normal, manageable, and joyful.
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