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Who We Are


Kristy Bedell

Certified Nurse Midwife

& Co-Founder

“Your body, your birth, your way.” I believe it, practice it, and educate about it.

Mitra Davis

Certified Nurse Midwife

& Co-Founder

My vision is to transform birth from unknown and scary to normal, manageable, and joyful. 


Jennifer McKinney

Nurse Practioner &

Certified Lactation Consultant

I get to care for women across their lifespan and also continue to provide lactation consulting. It combines my two passions! 


Laura Griffaw

Certified Nurse Midwife

When I was pregnant with my second child, I had midwifery care. It was a transformative experience. I decided then to continue my education and become a CNM.

Did you know?

The term “midwife” comes from Old English and means “with woman.” Midwives have helped women give birth since the beginning of time.
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